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I'll try and respond to every one who has posted so far in this post.

The Saint: Thank you for directing me there, it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. So I feel kinda foolish to have ever started this thread in the first place

Trayne wr3ck: Thanks for that, it's nice not to be considered a "l33t sn1per." Lol. And good job, can't wait until I can get into a game and do something like that.

Aquamarine: I'm sure it was. Also lol...

Brit ter: Hmm, spectating a game does sound perfect though I would need to find one near Dryden Ontario.

L473ncy: Cool it's good to know it won't take too long to get verified once I come of age. And I did as you said I should and looked up Hitarosu and was able to find some things on him, though I only read his first thread. Still it was quite helpful.

Thatotherguy: Offer my self up as a camera man eh? It does sound like an excellent idea, though I don't really have any kind of camera gear or anything. Even had I some I don't think I'm too good at snapping photo's. But then again maybe I'm not as bad as I think, maybe I'll borrow a camera from a relative and see if I can get some good shots. If I can, I might just do as you said.

NoGear: Thanks for the welcome NoGear. I dream almost constantly of that day where I can finally peel back the packaging and glimpse the first sight of my brand new AEG.

EDIT/P.S: I forgot this when I first posted, should I bother updating my profile? Seeing hows I'm terribly underage?

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