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Haven't been to a game yet but everything I like so far.

The age rep I met was a cool guy, got it done quickly and fast. Took a little while though, because I was busy and he was also busy when I wasn't but I still got it done. Really flexible in meeting me. Took a good 5 seconds to do, I felt bad about dragging him out of bed early in the morning though so I offered him some coffee from timmies and he declined.

Also @ OP:

Wait till about 15/16 and get your parents involved, and look up a guy named Hitarosu (sp?) he did everything right and basically set the bar for underage kids.

Good job NOT doing:
I r t3h l337 snpizor. Wat gun iz b3st? I got n0 mon3y wat iz ch33p? 1 r als0 buy3ng a sn1per. I 4m go1ng 2 sh0w 0ff 2 all ma1 frendz h0w t0lly 1337 I 4m n br1ng it 2 skool to sh00t people. lawl lawl lawl.
(Note: You can't buy a sniper. You can buy a sniper rifle not a sniper. How can you buy a person? Well unless....)
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