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Well's L96 is a good PLATFORM to start upgrading.

I got a Well G22 (which uses all the internals of the L96) and off the bat, it is not that great. Actually, most GBB will outperform it in stock form.

You have to drop at least 1000$ JUST IN AFTERMARKET parts to make it precise and reliable enought to use it in a game.

You will then have maybe 10-20' extra range over a same priced AEG.
The main advantage is that you will actually be able to hit something at that range.
Second, a well built sniper rifle will be dead silent. That way, you will be a lot harder to spot IF YOU ARE ABLE to crawl, move and gather intel silently.

Being a sniper is not about the gun. Hell! I yet have to go through 1000 bbs. Bought the bag last summer and it is still over half. I most of the time have my secondary in my hands and the sniper rifle slinged on my back.

Hear me, if we where able to make AEGs as silent and as accurate (talking about grouping, not range) as a BA rifle, that is what "Snipers" would be using.

If you want an idea of what sniping is like, get CoD4, and play the sniper levels. That is what it should be like in AS. Up to the part where you shoot the Barret .50. You spend over 2 hours just to get in position, only to take one shot and try to flee.
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