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you can't skip to the hardest job in the game like that. Ur no real life hax0r so let me give you a tiny skill tree

YOU get to know the game before you play it

any order past reasercher and observer can be in any order sniper being one of the hardest my advice is get an AEG practise sneaking around ambushing and gain overall team skills then if your well known you can become a sniper but you gota prove it

the last thing everyone needs is a noob sniper aiming down there backs and dosen't even know whos on there team.....

Fact: Snipers have no real advantage in stock form in fact ur getting a disadvantage

1: 1 shot every 3 seconds compared to 30+ every 3

your also forgetting that shooting more than 1 shot within 1 minute getts you spotted and that means rape

Snipers In realife is nothing to airsoft

just because ur cross hair is pointing at there head and u pull the trigger dosen't mean god will say HEAD SHOT! and ur bullet can curve with the wind being so light

Getting eaten by moqutos=Rape because if you make any sudden movement your toast and your most likly can't handle the pressure of getting a high cap a minute getting shot at you.

main points don't go sniper unless you wana lose all that money and end up getting hailed storm

if you can avoid rain outside without getting wet wile naked then you can become a sniper
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