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Awww Christ. Why does every noob always think they can be a sniper right off the bat?

Unless you're springing about $1000, there's no such thing as a good sniper gun. And before you consider that, just take this piece of advice.

If you actually plan on playing airsoft with regular players, you will NEVER be allowed, as a noob, to play a sniper role. Sniping in airsoft is VERY different from video games, and even real life. For safety reasons, only experience players will be trusted on a field with a sniper gun. Often, if even 1 person on the field doesn't trust the sniper, he's not allowed to snipe. That's how serious is it. So if you plan on actually playing, then get an AEG.

If you plan on plinking cans and targets, then the Well will work as well as any other crapsoft gun for that purpose.
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