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Originally Posted by Thorazine View Post
Limiting your OP to US based camo only is pretty weak as well.
No, not really. Look at any of the large events held in the US, where they have a true Milsim...Op Irene series, Lion Claws, Etc. You usually have two US based camo patterns ( Woodland, 3 color Desert ). For large games it makes it easier to run without having six different patterns, where some look like the others at a distance.

Lets also remember it's hosted in the US where 99% of the players are going to be attending from.

That said if there was a large enough group coming from Canada that all wanted to wear Cadpat the event organizers might consider allowing them to squad up under one side or the other.

These large games though are not like what we experience up here, they often have a true command structure with ranks that are followed in the field. It's an experience that I hope to someday attend some of these large games, rental AEG's or not.
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