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Originally Posted by crocket74 View Post
why? whats the problem with buying from I am new to this hobby so any help is good. Im in markham, ont does anyone know if they sell airsoft in pacific mall some guy told me that they do but he did not know the name of the store.
If you're gonna try and get airsoft guns in Pacific Mall, make sure you get a Chinese person who speaks Chinese to do it. It sounds ridiculous, but if you're not Chinese and don't speak Chinese there are many things they won't sell to you and what they will sell is totally overpriced.

You can get some decent airsoft guns there as long as you ask the right person and do things under the table. They can get TM, ICS, CA and all those, but it's not always legally and it might be used.

I know this sounds crazy, but my friend is Taiwanese and he bought the exact same thing I did from the same store in Pacific Mall at a different time and was able to haggle with the guy enough to save 40$ on some computer parts.
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