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TM M4A1 Boys (pics added)

NOTE: Right off the bat I'll say that I don't have any pics of this gun. I broke my camera in a mosh pit at the Heavy MTL show in Montreal a couple of weeks ago and haven't replaced it yet. Once I do get a new camera, I'll be sure to update this thread with pics. So on with the review...

I purchased this gun used from an ASC user for my 9 year old son to replace the really crappy Firepower (Well) M4 Boys he had been using. He likes to plink with me, but my guns are too big and heavy for him. He also has a TM MP5 Boys, but prefers the M4. But his old M4 was really bad, so he didn't enjoy shooting it. Since he did so well at school this year, I bought him this replacement as a present for passing grade 3.

The gun comes with a magazine, the prerequisite little box of BBs and regular TM manuals, catalog, and paper targets. The gun comes with no batteries as it operates on 6 standard AA batteries instead of a rechargable battery pack. The magazine is technically a hi-cap, but instead of winding, requires a charging 'switch' to be cocked back to compress the magazine feed spring. The magazine is tipped to load BBs into the well from the main body, and then the switch released to apply spring pressure. The well holds 30 BBs, while the magazine itself holds about 200 rounds (estimated) total. Luckily for him, the old Firepower hi-cap (wind-up model) also fits this gun and feeds perfectly, so he has a spare mag should he need it.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the gun is gorgeous, as with all TM guns. It may be a 3/4 scale kid's gun, but in terms of cosmetics, it looks as good as any TM M4. It features full Colt trademarks just like its big brother and is correct down to the smallest details. The trademarks are deep and very precise. A picture of the gun without a point of reference for size would make you think this is a full-size gun. The only external sign that gives it away is the extra safety button on the grip that Boys guns come with.

Unlike the full-size model, some of the external features are there for show only and have no function. The charging handle is fixed. The rear sight elevation is also fixed, but is fully adjustable for windage. The front sight is not adjustable for elevation either. The knobs to remove the carry handle are also for show only. The ejection port cover opens to reveal the hopup adjustment, but it protrudes from the fake bolt carrier, rather than having to cock the charging handle back to expose the hopup like on a full-size AEG. Otherwise, everything else works like it should.

I haven't opened up the gun, nor do I plan to unless it breaks. It has standard plastic gearbox with plastic gears for Boys guns. Nothing worthwhile mentioning, really.

The performance of this little gun is quite impressive. I'm out of 9V batteries, so couldn't run it through my chrony, but seems to hit harder than the MP5 Boys, and definitely WAY harder than his Firepower M4. Being 7.2V vs the 6V of the Firepower, it also has a higher rate of fire. Accuracy and range are quite impressive. The hopup works great. I took about 10 shots at a pole about 50 feet away and could consistently tag it (4 out of 5 shots hit). I don't think it would have any significant accuracy beyond that though. The manual says is has an effective range of 25m (82 feet). I know I can sent the BBs farther than that with a more aggressive hopup setting, but I don't think they'd be too accurate at all at such an extended range.

  • Looks great and very realistic
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent accuracy and range for such a low velocity gun
  • Good rate of fire for a kids gun
  • Not gamable
  • not upgradeable
Note that my 2 points uner the "Cons" heading are sort of nitpicking, as this gun was never intended for either of those purposes. But honestly, try as I might, I can't find anything wrong with this gun at all. For a kid, this is as good as it gets. I would even say for an adult that wants to plink indoors at home, this would be suitable. It's a fun little gun that looks great and shoots straight. While it's not a gamable gun, it's not really intended to be, and I doubt anyone old enough to play would be rocking one of these in the field anyway.

Just don't expect the performance of a full-size AEG and you can't go wrong with this.

EDIT: July 6. 2008

Added teh pr0n

Full left side view of the carbine

Full Colt trademarks of high quality.

Hopup adjustment under ejector port cover

Right side of the receiver

Another shot of the right side of the gun

Comparing the TM M4 Boys to the TM MP5 Boys

TM Boys AEGs compared to their full-size counter parts, my custom C8A2 and my JG MP5

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