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Thanks for the feedback

yes, each ballon would be in different room (and at opposite end of the deployment zone)

8 teams to start with, we would have 3 levels to play on, which mean 2 teams resting reloading while 6 would be playing.

Ammo restrictions, depend, I would not want to restrict the game too much (but if all player could come with 0-80 rounds per mags, sure )

Phase one would be a 1 day event, depending on how it goes, indeed making it bigger over 2 days would be fun Remind me of my time in the Naval Gun Run. East versus West coast was a great concept

Full auto and burst, as long as it not blind fire, no problem. Again, ammos restriction of 1000 round for 4 players for 2 rounds would make trigger happy people more of a hindrance to the team then anything. Each player would have let said, 250 rounds for 2 rounds of 20 minutes. That 125 rounds per rounds (20 minutes). You would wanna make each shot count.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
The 2 balloons would be in different rooms though right?

8 teams seems a little small, 4 each team would make 32 players though.

Nice concept, but for mags, I think 100 is a bit much, maybe something more like 60-80 max. 100 is still good but you might still get some spray and prayers.

The real cap/midcap idea is still good though.

If you do this over 2 days (with 16 teams) you can have an "east vs west" playoff type thing going on too.

I also assume you're going to have a rule about full auto/burst/semi?
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