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CQB tournament


I have this concept in mind and would appreciate player feedback

CQB Tournament

Place : 8 teams

Cost : TBA, will include BBs

- 4 mens team

- 350 fps max (all weapons)

- Rubber knive, sword, etc allowed

Concept :

2 teams face each other in 2 rounds games.
The face each other on specific level of the building.
After round 1, team switch side on the level for round 2.
Each round has a 20 minutes duration (or end if all balloon are blew or if one team has lost all of it member).

Each team has to fight it way and blew the other team 2 balloons (deployed on the opposite side of the level). This in order to have dynamic game (avoid/reduce camping).

Each blew balloon is worth 1 pts.

1000 rounds (0.2 BB) are distributed to each team (they allocate among themselves). The 1000 BB are to be use for 2 rounds. This in order to have each team manage it BB and make decision base on ammo available.

Low or mid cap mag only (100 rounds per mag max). No high cap, drum mag and so on. This in order to have the player manage reloading in game/under fire.

Grenade are ok, 3 grenades per player max (for 2 rounds). Grenade to be supplied by player.

2 referees will be on the field during all rounds. They are out there to check that people call when hit, no blind fire is involve, etc. They will also monitor the game timer, etc.

Blind fire result in the player being KIA for the round.

Swiss tournament system. The best teams (best score) will face each other as we progress.

Winning team = best score at the end.

The aim of this tournament is friendly CQB gaming. The winning team will win no prize, all prize will be allocated in a random fashion (draw).

All other standard airsoft rule will apply during the games.
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