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I actually have R/C that can hit a wall at over 100 kph (not scale) and have no damage. The one I am working on is completely enclosed in a metal box, only the PVC tracks are out, and they can take a lot of abuse.

I might mount a spring-loaded Tornado grenade inside it, so that if can launch the nade when entering a room, or as a self-destruct.

As for the plane, it is made out of Elapor foam, a more rubber like foam than most planes use.

At 200', I doubth any AEG will damage the plane enought for a crash.
This specific plane can fly with a payload of about 1 pound. That is quite huge if you ask me. The plane itself is a bit under 1 1/3 pounds fully built and ready to fly.
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Damnit, don't make me add "no discussing temporal paradoxes" to the rules or I'll go back in time and ban you last week.
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