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I am working at making 2 vehicules... the only thing that lacks is money.

First is a CQB recon vehicule, similar to the ones currently used.

Flat design, about 30" square, with tank tread on both sides and all equipment fitted inside the body, so it can be reversed and still work.
With a movable front end, can't give details right now, but it will allow to move up stairs.

Second one is an electric jet plane, built around a Multiplex twister. Basically a R/C plane, mounted with camera, optical zoom, GPS and probably a radio relay to extend the range of communications.
That plane achieves speeds around 80kph at crusing speed. With the help of the GPS and camera, it would be quite simple to fly around in circles.
Plus, with the right battery, we are talking about a 2h fly time.

Radio (as remote) range can be over 2 miles with the right system (using a Futaba 7ch plus FASST technology)
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