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Ok folks, I'm gonna hijack this thread a little bit, sorry Stalker. Although it is somewhat on the same topic.

I just reviewed the video for Humanity's Hammer, which is very close to being done by the way, and noticed even more interesting FACTS!

Let me just preclude my comments with, I've played this game for many years now and understand some people can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that cheating sucks and hurts EVERYONE in the game, from the admin all the way down to the person playing their first game.

Now, with that being said, the wonders of high definition video can really open up a hosts eyes to what is 'really' going on at a game.

Let me expand on this statement.

I first mentioned that I noticed several people running high-caps at my NO high-cap game. Several have come forward via PM with reasonable excuses, many have not. Game rule #1 broken.

Game rule #2 was 'Dead Men Don't Talk". I have some fantastic video of a DEAD player, who will remain nameless, who felt it necessary to divulge some crucial information to his fellow team mates, about the whereabouts of an opposing player who had crawled for a good 10 minutes to find a sweet ambush position. Unbelievable.

And last but not least, rule #3, "Call Your Hits"!!! If have several examples of players who were "obviously" hit and did not call it. I understand the nuances of hit calling... but these were OBVIOUS hits folks.

I just want to conclude with, I can't believe the levels of B.S. I watched. There was a handful of players who played with energy, got into the spirit of the game and played with honour. Conversely, there was a poop load of players who flat out cheated, on one or several rules.

Cheating seems to be an absolute when it comes to airsoft but this level of rampant cheating is off the hook for a bunch of people who claim to play by the honour system and want to "simulate" real military conflict.

This forces me as a host to impose all sorts of stupid ass rules and systems to keep everybody in line when it comes to rules.

I suppose this rant was to identify the reality of the game, and my high level of disappointment in the community at large.
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