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Shootsoft Is doing a Service to ASC, In the old days, before legros, mopic and other Airsoft Retailers, we used to have to wait months. Back then, Ive waited over a year for my TM P90 to come in. 20 days is MORE than reasonable in comparison to what we had to do to get them in the past. Legros, Keep it up, Enjoy your vacation as you deserve every minute of it. Youll be getting some business from me in the near future.

As for the personal issues with other people, keep them off this thread. This page is for Shootsoft Reviews only. If you had an issue with Legros skippy, file ONE (1) Single grievance instead of dragging it out for 2-3 pages. If you continue to have Disputes with him deal with it Via PMs or dont do business with him. But seeing how you got your money back, I dont see why this needs to go on any further.

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