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Originally Posted by 8skippy40 View Post
bud the mags you sold me you said were gamed twice and that 2 of them were brand new.

when they got here one of them was missing the bottom cap and the spring inside. hardly brand new.
Twice? no I only gamed it once. and its true two of them were brand new.

Yes, one was missing the bottom cap, I agreed that I would refund you the money, and you can just keep it so you wouldnt have to pay for the shipping.

Originally Posted by 8skippy40 View Post
then they were all splitting when filled.

so i sent them back. i mean its my hard earned dollars and you tried to jack me.
Jack you? learn you're wording, I didn't try to jack you at all, if I really wanted to jack you, I would have just sent you bunch of rocks. I sold them to you only because I knew they were up to standards.

When I tested the mags, the sides were not splitting at all when filled up to 100rounds, these can be physically shoved down to 113 rounds when I tested. And at that point, yes, it did start to split at the sides, but why wouldn't it? You're filling it with much more than you are supposed to!

Originally Posted by 8skippy40 View Post
so i bought some brand new ones from u.n. company. and suprise suprise they dont split at the sides.
Mine didn't split at the sides when filled with 100 rounds of BBs like you should. I also cracked open the "broken" one you were complaining about, and found out that they only used glue at the bottom of the mag, so the top part can split anytime they want.

So basically you were complaining about you abusing the product, and it not being able to take the abuse. But then if I didn't refund you, then I would have received a negative feedback/trade dispute for you abusing a product and it being unable to take the abuse.

It's like you bought a china gun, and it broke because you kept firing on full auto for 3 hours, then you fried the motor, and complained to the seller saying its their fault.
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