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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
wow... seriously skippy... threatening to "file dispute" and make this thing "public" is just... wow, unhumanly.

last time I sold you my MAG mid caps, you complained to me because it was cracking at the sides and didn't feed well. So I refunded your money AND shipping, got it back, and tested all of them and they all did well! I even have a video of it to prove it but you said "I don't care I don't want to see it". So I sold it again to another person, and he was fully happy with it.

Seriously, I think it's your problem not the store or the seller's.

bud the mags you sold me you said were gamed twice and that 2 of them were brand new.

when they got here one of them was missing the bottom cap and the spring inside. hardly brand new.

then they were all splitting when filled.

so i sent them back. i mean its my hard earned dollars and you tried to jack me.

so i bought some brand new ones from u.n. company. and suprise suprise they dont split at the sides.

this is all irrelevent anyways. im the customer and i should be satisfyied.

i wanted my 4.43 back becuase it was MY money. anyone would want it back.

you tried to sell "IN" country guns that werent.

and you think it was becuase of a bad day.

you had 340.00 dollars of MY hard earned dollars and you were not responding until i said i was just gonna file a dispute to get my money back.

it doesnt matter anyways. i just gave mopic my money and he is gonna ship out friday. sounds like he likes money.
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