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all i have to say legros is that you just made up a great story. you didnt give me my money back before i asked. i told you i want my gun. you didnt respond for 3 days. at this point i sent you a email telling you i was going to file a dispute with paypal if i didnt recive my gun. you THEN sent me my money back. these so called "suppliers" with exception to mopic are a joke.

i gave mopic my money and sent me a gun that was in country in 14 days...NOT business days.

i give legros my money for an in country gun and he makes me wait...and wait....and wait....

i guess you just dont like money. ill just give it to mopic, a real supplier and a real fan of money apperantly.

so you go back to pretending to be a supplier to look cool in front of your friends.
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