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Post Seem this member have a terrible day...

Seem this member have a terrible day...

Like every body know, we ask for 20 business days on every thing, stock or not! we do have a warranty of 20 business days on every order we do!

After that delay we have made a full refund... before he ask for it!!, telling him also we will contact him when is new friend will be ready to ship!

When he does is payment he chose EMT to do so... except he send is payment via Paypal! I did not realise at that moment and we did the refund via EMT, he send me back an email asking me 4,43$ because he have paid in us and it was the different of the total refund.

I told him have realise that I make an error on the way I should refund him... and I should refund is amount via Paypal and I will also retreive the 4% charge from paypal! If he could send back the Emt and I will refund all the amount via Paypal!

He send me an email back telling me I was a &"//$%/? and he would not send the EMT back... I told him that ok I will refund him via EMT the 4,43$ and I ask him also to do not place any order via our store!

i called him at home and he got all defensive and hung up.
We never spoke via the phone it was via PM and email!

My phone number is public, and you could find it via this forum and a whois!! This will be the only message on this subject!

ALPHA unit, because there is no one else for that job!
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