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legros is the bigest joke supplier i have ever seen.

he is selling guns that have "cleard the boarder" however when i ordered a gun and 30 business days rolled around he says that it is still in the hands of his supplier. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!

then when i email him for answers he send me my money back. but the best part of that is that he charges in u.s. funds and refunds me and canadian dollars.

when i told him i want my other 4.43 he wants me to send all the money back so that he can send me back all of it.

now would you send all of your money back to a guy who "claims" to have in country guns and then makes you wait.

after 10 days he said that it would be there in 20. after 20 he says the supplier still has it.

LEGROS you are the most emabarassing airsoft supplier i have ever been in contact with in my whole life. have no worries i will never send you one penny of my hard earned dollars. i would rather send it to someone who doesnt lie about the status of their guns.

i guess its about time for you to stop pretending to be a supplier to look cool in front of your friends, becuase its making you look like a fucking loser.

if anyone wants legros phone number i have it. i called him at home and he got all defensive and hung up.

so if there is anyone that legros has your money and you want some answers p.m. me and i would be more than happy to send you his phone number. people arnt quite the man they make themselves out to be over the phone. im sick of these internet warrior wanna be suppliers. if you want my money take it. if you dont quit wasting eveyones time with your fake store.
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