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Hay my name is Boone and iam currently 15
Now i would like to tell you about my self and a few things you might wana know

Yes iam not age verified but i do have field experiance and read a few topics on this fourm for 3 months.

The Cool thing about my small little town is the police are so nice and well known that i asked about local airsoft rules. Me and my friends Plink with CrapSoft so you guys call it, springers and CBB guns. We play at my home made CQC field, 200 ft by 250 ft Or the Abandond Ball park MED battles 600ft by 200ft but we do have a Large field that we use to use for paintball.

And our local highschool CQC-Med. Your prob asking Wtf Your gona get yourself shot well. Actualy being the 20% resposible teens under 18 the local police say and i quote "Your allowed 2 play as long as you wear proper eye wear and i don't hear about windows breaking" kool huh. I do host games for my friends that also use Crapsoft so we do get to enjoy this wonderful sport.

My gun is currently a M14 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle by TSD tactical its not my first but wanting to try Sniping it provided the look/feel/role of sniping with my friends without spending money on a clone that could possibly get me in trouble lol.

I hope you guys welcome me with open arms and not the firey ones :P
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