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I voted "No".

420 fps is what I think should be a max that I will accept. A 490fps AEG with heavy weight bbs(0.28/0.30g) can do alot of damage to both player and equipement. What can happen in a 490fps game is that players will start to pad themselves more which will lessen the fear/pain of getting hit. So, no point in increasing the fps. The risk outweights the assumed realism of higher fps for me.

Almost everyone that said "yes" had also stated that they would go if the roster was carefully screen. When you make this into a private game, you're already choosing the level of players that you're admitting to the game. You don't need to make the fps more than 400 to get a great game when you have high quality players.

Last thing I want is to have to wear a full face mask when I play airsoft. Where's the realism in that? It gets hot and I'm sure I'll have problems with fogging. I'm using an ESS Turbofan goggle right now and I still have fogging problems.
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