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everybody wanting to be a sniper and or having to have a sniper rifle cuz people think sniper rifles are the absolute 100 percentest bestest guns ever. and thinking cuz they have the sniper rifle hiding far away from everyone else like pussies afraid to get shot theyre gonna get "total pwnage" every time

our dummy friend who thought he was going to "own" me with a spring sniper rifle cuz sniper rifles are so awesome or something. "hate to break it to ya dude but an x-m8 isnt a sniper rifle exactly". ...."oh ok dont believe me. yea, own me ill be right back".
dumbass took cover behind a cardboard box so i shot him through the box at cqb quite up close and personal range with a generous burst on full auto
"yea dude, you totally owned me when you grazed my neck with one of the two shots you managed to shoot". "i told ya but you wouldnt listen"

"X-Ray Vision" challenge completed
Originally Posted by MillerBRo View Post
dont let the elitist gun snobs who only clicked on your post to thread shit tell you other wise (they are OHHHH so helpful here- they wont offer you any help but will be self rightous pricks cause they are CLEARLY 'pros' who overpaid for their guns roflmao)

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