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Originally Posted by cratedriver View Post
Last summer a group of us headed up 2 hours north of Pickle Lake to play at an abandoned community called Stirland Lake. With loads of abandoned homes, office building and gymnasium, we had plenty of variation. This year it's going to be just as fun. We've been given permission to play at an abandoned radar base in Sioux Lookout. Too bad there isn't a larger group of people playing airsoft up here or we'd really have a party.
I'm so disappointed I'll be missing that. Preston invited me out to that, but I'm not in Dryden this summer. I didn't even know we had an abandoned Radar base in our area. Balls to my luck.

I think ASC needs a field trip to Combat South over in the UK:
Bloody nice set up they have there (the woodland site is nice too).

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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