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Sup.... My name is like uhhh.... Jeremy (it actually is)... Some of you may know me as like the... the pwnerer, cause that's kinda like what I do you know, n stuff...

I'm getting verified soon, in less than a week if everything goes according to plan and the verifier is free.

I'm going to Alberta for post secondary so I guess I'll see some of you southern Alberta players some time if I'm free.

Also @ Redblaze: Don't even think of bringing in your gear (by that I mean guns) to Canada, best leave it at home and rent from another player here. Everything else should be fine. Ie. BB's, helmet/facemask, webbing, BDU's. Don't bring guns, fake genades/real BB grenades, and best not to bring in mags to save a lot of explaining at the border.
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