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Hi, my name is Isaac, But I usually go by Lizander on Forums. I have owned a few crappy clearsoft guns, and they served their purposes, but I am starting to buy better guns. I am 15 so I can't use the Classified section for another 3 years. I hope people will still treat me as they would an 18 year old; with respect (or just being polite) and fairness. I will not tarnish the sport in any way. I just bought a Kraken as a gun to learn to upgrade and for a few private property forest wars, and backyard wars with my friends. I am also looking At a VSr-10 clone as a secondary weapon (for longer range) as well as searching for a decent pistol. I live in winnipeg Manitoba. Still learning about the guns as The Kraken is my first AEG. i have been airsofting for at least 3 years (with clearsoft, so I still have to wait a while (untill I'm 18)for REAL experience.) And I am currently studying *cough cramming cough*for exams (HARD MATH!! :banghead: .
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