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Originally Posted by Lizander View Post
Whats TLC?? just some cleaning up of the gun??

I already have an AEG, a shotgun and soon a pistol. I'm looking for a decent sniper without the huge price tag of some of the brand names. I just want to try sniping, and see how I like it. I have no idea how to tell if a sniper is good, but its seems the average range people use is 100ft. Am I right?? So if the Vsr-10 shoots 100ft and can hit a man sized target fairly consistantly then I would probably buy it. Also, if I wanted to increase the FPS and then the range I could do the teflon tape mod and remove some of the air brake. (anyone know where I can find the instructions for either one??) I know I can buy extra/r eplacement parts for it so if the piston brakes because I removed the airbrake, I'll be happy.
TLC = Tender Love & Care . Any airsoft sniper rifle will need some work to make it really effective.

Generally, any airsoft gun shooting over 300 FPS should be able to hit a man sized target at 100' shooting .25's. With a gun shooting 300-350 and .25 or .28 ammo, you can probably hit a man-sized target at 150'. I can't remember exactly where the thread is, but CDN_Stalker did a really good post on BB weight vs. FPS and accuracy. BB weight and good hop-up adjustment are going to do more for your range/accuracy than FPS will. Also, a tightbore barrel will decrease your groupings at range.

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