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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Almost any airsoft gun will shoot over 100' "accuracty" with .28's. If it's your first airsoft gun, get an AEG instead.

The ACM sniper rifles aren't bad, but they're not nail drivers. They'll need some TLC to make them into really, really nice sniping platforms -as will any airsoft BAR.
Whats TLC?? just some cleaning up of the gun??

I already have an AEG, a shotgun and soon a pistol. I'm looking for a decent sniper without the huge price tag of some of the brand names. I just want to try sniping, and see how I like it. I have no idea how to tell if a sniper is good, but its seems the average range people use is 100ft. Am I right?? So if the Vsr-10 shoots 100ft and can hit a man sized target fairly consistantly then I would probably buy it. Also, if I wanted to increase the FPS and then the range I could do the teflon tape mod and remove some of the air brake. (anyone know where I can find the instructions for either one??) I know I can buy extra/r eplacement parts for it so if the piston brakes because I removed the airbrake, I'll be happy.
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