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I'm really not sure which one

ok, after read your review I am completely torn. I can't decide which gun to buy!!!! the VSR-10 Marui Clone WELL (MB03) or the Lg96. They both have good power. I don't want to spend 320$ on a gun that may and may not be worth it. I don't really want to do a whole lot of mantenance on either guns. Fixing the hop up is fine, but I don't want to do a whole lot of other things. I guess my question is the ever-hated noob question: which is better?? I like how fast the Lg shoots, and they both shoot accuratly, but the price is dragging me down (along with the almost 10 lb wieght). I just bought a 200$ gun (not alot in your eyes, but for me its a fair amount.) can you guys help me decide without destroying me (and my confidence?? :wink: )??? thanks.
(and any advice on not sounding like a noob when I ask a question would be greatly appreciated.)
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