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DBoys M4 MRE Front Rail

I have used it in 3 games, one during heavy downpour, and I had no rust problems what so ever. I went to take the front end off of the M4 to do an outer barrel swap and the rail section sheered clean off from the threads (I was undoing the outer collar). My suspicion is that the water may have somehow reacted with the glue or w/e they use to attach the two pieces together, making the connection brittle (you can see the glue/adhesive flaking away from the rail section). I now need an armourer's wrench to take the front nut off. I own some other Dboys products and haven't had a problem with them, so this leads me to believe that I got a "lemon". Just a word of warning to those out there who are thinking of buying one. Make sure to get a CNC machined one instead.

- Ryan

P.S. If anyone has an idea of how to get a front end nut off without an armourer's wrench, I'm all ears.
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