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Talking Your Sniper purchase

Originally Posted by andthenhewent View Post
Hey guys,

I'm considering buying either this Well MB03(the gun you guys have just been talking about) for $60.00 american or the Well L96 AWP for $139.00 american off of

No doubt monetary wise the MB03 would be the way smarter choice, but the way you guys talk about the lack of accuracy and hop-up not working so well, I'm drawn away from it.

Eventualmente, (half spanish, and half english for eventually) I would like to be sniping at about a 150-160 foot range and be able to hit a man sized target using .3 gram bb's If this is my destined goal which gun should I buy? I know that the homemade upgrades to the Well MB03/VSR-10 will give me the same fps as the L96, but I just want some of your feedback.

Also, if I am using .3 gram bb's will that increase the distance I am able to
snipe @?

By the way, the review was incredible, very easy to follow
Well, I would ighly reccomend the Well L96 (MB01) If you can find one. My sniper cover has one and it owns, stock @455 FPS with .20gs. If you use .30gs, you'll get about 100-150ish accurate sniping. it'll go 200ft. stock with .2s but you must have little wind and a steady hand.
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