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It's fine for him to play the sniper role, and I hope he DOES do well with it against the other guys his age that he plays with. But there is a shitload of stuff to learn while playing (and chances are he'd be in a totally different world with the games we all tend to play), he at least understands various things such as dealing with BB hooking.............. really adjust your hop up lower than what gets you the maximum range, then treat it more like a real steel rifle. Hooking comes from the BB losing energy and the hop up carrying it, but that sets up a wildly variable lift differential (due to air currents, even small ones) which causes your hooking, and can NOT be predicted (unless you can see the air molecules moving, AND can also read the future as to which currents will pass the BB during it's path, and from which side). I have mine set on my 500fps M24 to about the point where a 0.30g BB will go straight out for about 150-170ft, then drop, but wind has little effect on it because I removed some of the 'hop up fuck up'. Better to use heavier BBs, but then since you are dealing with less hop up to maintain consistant shots............. and I compensate for distance by aiming higher, using my lower crosshairs on my reticle. Who taught me this? I sorted it out for myself by thinking about aerodynamics, lift generation, air movement, etc. and figured it out. Was largely fed up with wild shots everywhere past 150ft, and found this works best, which is rather counter intuitive from what hop up is supposed to be doing.

So, I CAN say that he has more knowledge on things relating to airsoft sniping than most new players, so I won't flame him, just gotta reel him in and let him add if he wants.

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