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Originally Posted by Rukus View Post
5. Remember the age group in which you are talking to. IE us, most have military experience or are in the military, and some have many years of actual airsoft experience, and don't try and confuse real steal with airsoft because other than appearance they are not the same.
Going to agree with you Rukus, +1. This thread brought many experienced airsofters and actual military snipers who were kind enough to answer my questions and to share some of there info to me and many others on this thread that I created.

ShootKillReload, its nice to see that you would like to play the role of a sniper one day but you should actually read this thread and you may learn that your "imaginary lonewolf sniper" does not exist in airsoft. By the Way, welcome to ASC and don't get under anyones skin on these forums...

"Airsoft will be taken seriously, but it will never be forgotten that airsoft is just a game. Treat every player with respect and honor."
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