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It's one thing to shoot, good for you on that by the way, it's another to claim you are a sniper.

1. Time, which you have really a drop in the bucket compaired to most
2. Experience, again I hear that bucket a rattling
3. Age, there is only so much a 13 yr old can do. Be thankful you've been able to as much as you say you have. Again keep building on that experience, and then maybe you might grow into a better shooter, not sniper.
4. Snipers generally go through some intensive training in field crafts, cam and concealment, and more, so other than trying to avoid the lunch time monitor to get you back to your classroom I don't think you've had that training.
5. Remember the age group in which you are talking to. IE us, most have military experience or are in the military, and some have many years of actual airsoft experience, and don't try and confuse real steal with airsoft because other than appearance they are not the same.

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Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.

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