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Originally Posted by ShootKillReload View Post
1) Uh... No

2) I'd waaay more prefer a sniper rifle in a woods game, as my quote says: "Snipers are the least likely to be hit, yet the most likely to be hunted."

3) Learning to handle an airsoft rifle takes some time, you need to have good distance estimations, wind directions and bb curving estimations, and some more stuff that takes some training :P

4)Chyea! I got my first fully auto gun when I was 7, yes 7, I used it to learn the sport and stuff like that for 2 years and went to sniper when I was 9, I'm 13 now, I've been told that I'm a highly advanced sniper for my age, and I have to say I kinda agree, 4 years has done well for me :P. I'm 13 and I've been sniping for longer than anyone I know. I personally loooove sniping :P

I forget where I heard this and it's kinda random but also fits the topics, In the real millitary, it takes about 10k bullest per kill with a fully auto gun. It takes one per kill with a sniper rifl. That's 3.5k as aposed to 60 cents! Snipers save lives (even though they also take em) and save money.
pfft are you a qualified airsoft sniper too? i bet ur uncles a cf sniper as well eh?

where the hell are these elementary school snipers comeing from?

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