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Land Warrior Airsoft (UK) - A+!!!

My airsoft group – Team Hellfish – had decided about two years ago to go with the Swedish M90 camouflage as our official team camo. Naturally we found it difficult to come across and very expensive.

Fast forward to two years later. After much persuasion, hypnotism, and occasional drugged beatings, the team was convinced to make the transition and we placed a preliminary order to Tacgear for some of their inexpensive repro BDUs. When they FINALLY arrived some weeks later, the sizes were wrong versus what it stated on the bags and the quality was found to be sorely lacking. Then again, what do you expect for $30 BDUs. We decided that splurging for Tacgear’s good stuff would be the only practical alternative, because issue M90 is far too heavy for use in 30C summer heat.

After our last experience with Tacgear and their rather lethargic shipping practice, we decided to check for a stocking dealer elsewhere that had M90 in stock. After a short search I came across who stocked literally everything we needed. We’d decided that we were going to order six sets in various sizes; two medium, two large, and two extra large. A large event was coming up in about a week and a half so we also decided that Fedex shipping would guarantee their arrival and we’d look all spiffy for the event.

I dealt primarily with Scott at Land Warrior. After negotiating a final price and shipping quote and confirming they had sufficient stock, we placed the order for some CAD $1,500 worth of camouflage with shipping included. We had confirmed with Land Warrior several times what we were ordering and were assured everything was in stock and ready to go. The importance of this order arriving promptly and correctly was high, as indicated by our willingness to spend some $300+ on shipping alone. We felt confident that everything would go perfectly.

Two days later the order arrived in Winnipeg. After paying close to an additional $300 for taxes and duties, we were shocked and saddened to find that we’d been shipped six sets of large pants, two XL pants, two medium pants, and two large tops. The boonies were all there but instead of receiving the Combat Vest, the LBV was shipped instead. So even though the order was incorrect we were still short several items; worse yet we had paid duties and taxes on items that were not there.

Disappointed, I telephoned Scott at Land Warrior the next day and laid it all out. He vowed to make good on the order as soon as possible once he’d ascertained what had gone wrong. After a couple of days of investigating it was discovered the warehouse person messed something up, and some of the items we had ordered were indeed not in stock. Scott offered to ship us what we were owed as soon as it arrived from Tacgear at no charge, and said we could keep what we had been sent by mistake as a token of good will! A few weeks later the rest of our order arrived as promised.

This has left a considerable mark on our team. Scott and the gang at Land Warrior Airsoft demonstrated to us a level of customer commitment heretofore unseen by our group in any aspect of the sport. Not only did they readily admit a mistake had been made but they jumped on rectifying it, at their own (considerable) expense, for a small group of folks halfway around the world.

Team Hellfish is extremely happy to call Land Warrior our supplier of uniform equipment and gear. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for quality gear and equipment at great prices, along with the most exceptional customer service bar none.

Thank you Scott and Land Warrior Airsoft! Our first order will certainly not be our last!
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