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Originally Posted by ShortCut View Post
Why would anyone want to sit in a bush the whole time, rather than get out there and have some real fun?
Maybe because silently dropping a round on a guy without him hearing it, seeing the rest of his crew run for cover and stay put forever........................ is fun for some people? I love tying up a squad when it happens, just gotta remind them every few minutes that you are still watching them closely....................

The real airsoft snipers don't sit on ass all day waiting for someone to come to them. The good airsoft snipers are hunters, they listen to the radio, find out where parts of the other team are, go into that area and stir shit up, maybe keep those in the enemy base IN the enemy base for a period of time, allowing his/her team to deal with lesser numbers of enemy when trying to accomplish a mission. Sure, a guy with a high cap in his AEG can do the same, but not quietly, nor with the discipline of firing one shot every 5-10mins from a different angle that a sniper normally does. Seen that happen even recently, I went hunting and cleared a bunch of them. if it's one guy with a sniper rifle that has the fire discipline, I'll be more cautious because the sniper hasn't given me a trail of BBs to follow to his location. I'll still go after them though, will just use different tactics to do so.
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