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In my very first airsoft game (only two months ago) thanks to Ken of 007's newbie games:

My total cost was $32.

Years ago I had bought genuine vintage army surplus camo from Value Village for like $10 for the entire suit. Never had the opportunity to use until now. I bought an almost perfectly matching camo hunting hat from Wal-mart for $1. I bought a set of yellow shooting glasses from Wal-Mart for $6.

I borrowed a genuine nato issue backpack. I found my rollerblading kneepads from 1991 (NEON YELLOW) and spraypainted them to match. Found used workout gloves that were thick leather and had fingers cut out. Put them on top of thin sport gloves with grip. Found old pair of hiking boots, almost spray painted them too.

Borrowed a CA G36. Made a gunsling from two old guitar straps and free caribeeners. Field cost was $15 for the whole day. I think I looked pretty decent. I was proud of how little I had spent and I had full gear.

Looking for my first real AEG though at the moment. Then I know it'll spiral if I start gaming.

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