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Originally Posted by six4 View Post
the kill tower you speak of was in abbotsford b.c. due to safety issues and some health issues the games at this location were quickly abandoned. this was over two years ago. after the kill tower there was the ferryboat here in mission b.c. it is the decommisioned "queen of sidney" that ran for the better part of a year and a half. there are still sporadic battles at this location but nothing like it used to be.

here are two of my videos from the most recent games i ran at the ferryboat.

day game:

night game:

the ferryboat has its fair share of health issues. sadly due to black mold,mildew,and general dry rot this is the only way i can be on the ferryboat for any length of time.

like i said ,games are still held here but they are few and far between.

as far as i know there are no other cqb areas in my region.
ah yes, those where my first days of Airsoft on the old ferry. My P90 was awesome to use on that boat, shame that the boat is becoming moldy and unhealthy to play on. But like you said Six, I still hear of games every now and then.
That's what you said last time, Then look what happened!

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