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It's opening in the sense that we have more 'private retailers' and cheaper prices than we've seen from the big public retailers. The public ones have all been driven out of business except 007, and a quick glance at the 007 review threads here will confirm that getting in touch with Ken is about as easy as tracking down Bigfoot, so it's like he wasn't there. I won't even touch his celestial pricing.

I'm not saying the hammer will fall on the private retailers, but this site is monitored by authorities. You never know what could happen. All it takes is one good incident (like someone robbing a bank with airsoft guns) to set the panic in motion and have a big crackdown. Again, I'm not saying this WILL happen, but the possibility exists in our rather gun-shy country. I have the means to buy what I want, therefore I do when I see something I want.
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