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Well, it seems my ealier post from January wasn't quite accurate. I did buy several more guns since then. Here's a rough rundown:

TM M4A1 - $500
CA M15A4 rifle - $700
Real Sword Type 56 - $890
JG MP5 - $300
JG 416 - $360
A&K M249 - $800 (acquired on a trade + cash, but that's the value of the gun)
KJW M9 - $300
KSC Glock 17 - $280
TM Sig Sauer P226 - $280
WA Beretta M92FS INOX - $250
WA Colt 1911 - $ 200
UHC USP .45 NBB - $60
TF M11 - $200 (was a trade, but that's what the M11 sold for and what I was asking for my parts)
WE Luger P08 - $230

Grand total: $5350

Add to that the upgrades...
  • I've sunk about $600 extra into my M4 to convert it to an all metal C8A2
  • I've upgraded the M15 to the tune of about $300 plus added the CA ELCAN replica for $150
  • Added a metal front end to the MP5 for $50
  • Added a full stock, barrel extender, new flash hider, rail cover, front grip and EOTech replica to the 416 - $225
  • added Creation metal slide and other high performance internals to the P226 - $250
  • Added metal slide & tightbore to Glock 17 - $150
That's another $1725 bringing the total to $7175

And I've bought shitloads of spare mags, slings, high capacity batteries, gun cases, etc which probably cost me at least another $500 or more. And I'm sure I'm missing some stuff here too.

So for the guns and their accessories, I'm looking at about $7500 since last October, not counting the actual gear like the BDU, goggles, vest etc...

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