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For these guys to be pricing clones in the sub-$400 range is very, very good.
The marui's and ca's may be pricey but the retailers take ENORMOUS personal risk with them and make less profit per unit than they do with clones. I was surprised to see them for sale.
I stuck to clones because of the higher markup and the lower cost if they were lost to customs. As do they mostly.
I took pre-orders on the condition that if I could not deliver on a date, a full refund would be given but most of the time I would have it in stock before posting . I NEVER used or risked client money as I only paid for the guns once they were in Canada (for which I paid a premium that added significantly to my cost for the guns). Most other pre-orders are not done this way so they are a huge risk and I can't imagine why anyone would go that route.

Anybody whining about prices should try to do better themselves.
Oh, it's 12 cents in china? Great! Get me ten! Go take a risk, show some initiative. I'll happily pay you!

Until then, SUCK IT UP. You have NO idea what you're talking about.

I applaud the retailers. GOOD JOB GUYS!

I will say that to avoid trouble, don't post anything for sale until it's in your hands. Simple.

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