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Originally Posted by grimreefer View Post
I'm curious to know if the owner of 'the mill' has insurance of some sort? And what fees are charged to the players, if any?
I'm not sure the details, but I'm quite sure that he's insured. He runs a paintball field in there as well, so I'd assume that would extend to cover airsoft in the building as well. In terms of fees, it's usually up to whoever organized the event. Typically, it's $20-30. Sometimes there will be a day game and night game where you can do one for $30 and both for $50. Testtube also just ran a game where all the proceeds went to cancer research, and I think we got in excess of $1500.

It's an expensive outing since the field fee+gas money usually puts you at at least $50 if you're one of the folks coming from Ontario...however it's absolutely worth it. I can't imagine there being a better place than the Mill for CQB inside of Canada.

The UK has a castle I think, hence why I just said Canada
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