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try walking through airport customs with a complete mech box!!!

So i buy a CA Sportsline m4 from Las Vegas, leave the plastic body, strip the rest and pack it in my luggage (totally legal)

But wait! I forgot something! LOL...:

wow, i couldnt believe my dumb ass forgot to pack it in my luggage...sure enough its on my carry on. I noticed quickly, pulled it out and put it in the tray.
No sooner did it go in the X-Ray (and I shat a brick) the alarm went off and I got rushed by 4 security guards.

So they took me aside, threatening some nasty stuff... I pleaded my case saying its just a gearbox, it CANT do anythign at all, it just looks a bit suspect due to the trigger. It can not even work without a battery..etc.

sure enough, they get the airport police over (im like 20 minutes late for my flight now lol) Cop takes one look at it, tells the security guys they did a good job and this is just airsoft and totally legal to transport...looks at me has a smirk on his face and tells me to get on my way...

I was so happy to have a knowledgeable officer, man after that i felt 20 lbs lighter...seems i shat a brick.

blast, im looking for the pics...cant find em, will post when i can...
My asshole buddies took like 10 pics of me dealing with a swarm of security guards and that oh so nice officer...

what a day.
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