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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I had always considered the idea of renting a warehouse to play, splitting the costs with others. If there was a large enough population of airsofts it would be considerable, however for me in my city its not. Cost of renting was the smallest of the issues though, approaching anyone with a proposal to rent and then attempting to explain to them the premise on which why you want to rent it can sometimes get you a flat out no as well. One can only imagine what can happen in airsoft, walls get broken,, windows get shot up,other stuff gets shot some instances even blown up. After that theres insurance. Thats what really put me off, I checked with a few brokerages in regards to setting up insurance for something like that and they refered me to a small handful of companies that specialise in insurance for things like airsoft, but well more specifically paintball. We reviewed policeys and coverage and the recommended liability was suggested to be 5 million at minimum. Total cost for a year was over 3000 dollars. Sure you can skip over insurance, but you never know what can happen. The guys you play with may seem like a good bunch that would never sue you for anything but all that can change when someone loses a testicle...or a spleen.
Or an eye.

You bring up a good point. The major obstacle is liability and insurance. A lot of people would not volunteer their property for people to risk injury, without insurance. But $3000 a year doesn't sound terrible.

I'm curious to know if the owner of 'the mill' has insurance of some sort? And what fees are charged to the players, if any?

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