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Originally Posted by demco11 View Post
So your saying I should go on eBay, find something for super cheap such as an item that normally costs $20 for like $5, buy it... then when I find out its going to cost $25 for shipping, tell the seller I want a refund on the added shipping cost because I know its only $15 for shipping...?

Sorry Drache but maybe in that added shipping cost is the Handling part.
Packaging the gun up in paper, taking it to the post office....

I know I wont sell an item at cost + shipping. I always bump the shipping up to cover the paper/tape/gas/time. Say shipping costs me $24.00, ill make it an even $30. it would break down into:

Shipping cost at CP - $24 Example cost.
Roll of paper - $1 Dollar Store
Roll of tape - $1 Dollar Store
Gas for car - $2 Driving out of my way to post office and back.
Profit - $2? Fair enough.

Take into consideration that the price on the Canada Post website you get for shipping may be off by a bit when you actually go to ship the item, so the "profit" may go up or down because of that.

I have ordered from shootSOFT and I am very happy with the service I got. I purchased a metal body and an m203 launcher. It arrived before 20 days from sending payment to opening the package up. Always had fast communication, friendly service. I will do business with Christian and Jay again for my next order and I will continue to tell my friends to buy from them.
Demo PLEASE reread or learn to read before posting, saves people a whole mess of headaches.

We are NOT talking about an inflated shipping charge here! We are talking about how I paid $30 EXTRA to get the gun shipped XPRESSPOST but instead the gun was shipped REGULAR POST!

Now if you cant understand that I would suggest going back and playing with your ninja turtles....
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