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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
well to concede would be to remain silent about the whole thing and not go public with it, you are obviously peeved about the service received and decided to bring to the forum, but you do have a point tho, there is nothing left to concede in that you are already taking the loss of $30 and that should be the end of this, unless the gun shows up and its wrong/broken/etc. god forbid
The biggest reason I didn't keep quiet about this is the fact that many people have PM'd me with problems since I posted this but they dont want to "rock the boat". Personally I was raised to stand up for yourself, especially if you've been wronged in some form.

This whole "live and forget because there are too few retailers" mumbo-jumbo sickens me.

I thank LeGROS for starting up retailing again and with fair decent prices! But they should work on their customer service skills a little more.
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