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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
How do you think that? I was told matter of factly that I was NOT going to get a refund on the money they overcharged me on.

I was then told to not accept the gun when it arrives and I'll get a refund for the gun minus shipping costs of course. The gun that I'll have waited on for over a month.

So really there are two options, keep the gun when it arrives and cut my losses, or not accept the parcel when it arrives and be out even more money.

So I've already made my choice, Im just going to keep the gun when it arrives and hopefully find that the right one was shipped this time, and cut my losses. They are the ones who lost a customer over $30! Anyone in NIA, ASK, or some members of ASC knows that I purchase an airsoft gun on average of once a month. I think that would have been worth more than a simple $30 don't you think?

youch, that sounds terrible. I would do the same thing and just keep the gun knowing that I would be losing more money over it, i just think that since this has been made public that for either side to concede would likely be seen as losing face

unfortunately from a retailer's standpoint, they will be losing any profit that they would have made on that gun by refunding your $30 + the return shipping costs should you decide to refuse the gun, they are trying to cut their losses by offering a refund for the gun's price minus the shipping

and for you it is a similar situation of cutting your own losses by taking the $30 loss and keeping the gun

I really hope this gun works out for you
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