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Originally Posted by xandrewx View Post
any henry's camera shop
I asked once and they told me what they have is all they get, they can't order in the weapons cases even if you say its for camera gear. Don't know how knowledgeable that sales associate was, maybe ask crab.

I read some reviews about the custom case company here in Ottawa that Endymion linked to, if you bring your guns in (real steel, paintball markers, and more than likely airsoft guns too) they will custom cut the foam for an exact fit for a small fee. The price difference between what I have seen on their site and US prices isn't that big of a jump, far less than the taxes if you got it from the states.

Swatt13, are the case dimensions listed on their site external or internal? Searched around and can't find anywhere where they mention it.

As for pricing. The Starlight 10 x 18 x 22 is $240 but the Pelican 24"1/4 x 19"7/16 x 8"11/16 is only $199. I have two Pelican cases, one for my laptop and one for my camera and they are really nice. Never seen the Starlight ones to compare but I am very happy with Pelican and the price differences seems minimal at worst (from a Pelican point of view.) If you look around at pictures from movie sets, deployed contractors, special forces, professional photographers, etc. you can see Pelican cases (distinctive pressure equalization valve under the handle) but I've never heard of Starlight outside of ASC nor seen them (their pressure valve is to the side of the handle and more hidden, the Pelican one has a red and white tag on it.)

Now there is the question of what the case is certified against, don't know about Starlight but my Pelican cases came with a big label that said they are NOT certified against bear attacks, shark bites, and children under 5. Who knew kids where that destructive....

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