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I thought this site timed out afterinactivity (as in page refreshing) for 10 minutes or is that only on my computer? Nt that I'm doubting you or anything.

Origianlly posted by FNG_13
Dude...your avatar....I don't have epilepsy and it almost gave me a seizure...that's a weapon!
hahaha check this out if you like flashing stuff. sidenote: you can't actually trigger epilepsy with this site, I've tried it with my friend mohamad who is an actul epileptic and he didn't go in to shock (although he's on medication, so to all the epileptics who haven't taken their medication take it now, before watching )

I love this site, I watch this for minutes at a time.



Edit: O yeah!!! duh?!! I forgot te actual reason I posted. TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!! this acually happened on Sunday while Combine and I were celebrating his birthday at some of our family friends in Bergen suburbs (for those that don't know Combine and I are in Norway). My friend Peter's younger brothers Christian and yens (ages 8 and 12) somehow managed to convince their parents to buy them a springer g17 hand gun. My brother was sitting on the couch playing halo3 on live with Christian, yens and combine (yens was winning and he's 8...he's just really good somehow). Christian, (who adores my brother) pulls out jaw breakers and gives one to my brother and eventually to yens (after yens complained for about 15 minutes). My aunt steps in to the room because she likes technology and video games interest her (although, she's kind of a dumb blonde). She sees the jaw breakers and immediately asks "where did you get those" but in a 'I-wish-I-had-one' kind of tone which, is cute considering she's an adult and they aren't commonly known to like jaw breakers. At this moment I was sitting on the couch loading BBs IN THE GUN!!! She then looks at the BBs grabs two or three of them and says "are these candies" AS SHE PUTS IT IN HER MOUTH!!! I mean, lets face it, the fact that I'm re-loading he gun right in front of her... Anyhow, she screams "AH! why didn't you tell me they were plastic". HMMM? I WONDER? what did you think I had a magical replica model gun that shot candied bullets at 310FPS???>

Hope you enjoyed that. I sure like telling the story. Combine and my brother both laughed when they saw her do it.

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