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That's why I laughed! because we had just hadthe pet peeve discussion of sniper VS sniper rifle about five pages back. remember now? anywho, not a prblem we all get the joke now (we all still love you armandhammer)

Euh, I forgot exactly what it is I was going to say. Oh yeah! Paintball: stealth sure, but NEVER as stealth as a GOOD A.E.G. Compressed gas or not. Yes, we know we don't all dress up like 'fairies???' wait, fairies wear indoor paintball gear??

As for 'fuck sessions', seems enjoyable (if there anything like the real ones ) but, what of PITAness? I mean obviously people will always label sniers as PITA if that's all they think they're good for there has to be more positive aspects of being a sniper, lets explore them shall we?

N.B the list has no order of priority

1. Snipers get laid more often ('fuck sessions'...right). Alright so, they get to mess with peoples' heads

2.Sniper gets a rifle that has, as a general rule, more FPS than a regular A.E.G

3. Snipers get to fiddle around wih their rifles and adjust the internal adjustments more than any other role (according to CDN_Stalker, who is a reliable source, IMO)

4.Snipers get to hide in trees? (alright so maybe that one's not so great)

4a. Sniper also encompasses the role of 'Observer' in order to relate crucial information to team mates unable to evaluate the enemy position from their standing point.

5. Snipers, as a general rule (andif they're any good), should receive less enemy fire.

6. Snipers get the exhilaration that comes from sneeking around close to enemylines and the thrill of observing without being seen (again, only if they're good ).

7. please add anything else, I'm sure tere are plenty more advantages to the sniper role but I'm too fatigued to be bothered at the moment (it's 1:55 in Norway so I'm tired).

Best of luck completingthe list, with much faith in my fellow ASCites,


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